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We come from different places and have our own ideas. We promise to give you really good stuff and make sure it’s great. We love what we do, and we’re thankful for your support.

B. Texas

Often humorous the frighteningly beautiful mixed medium pieces seem to capture the evolution of time through the use of sarcoptic colour palettes, natural patinas and weathering, like those seen here in the “Texas Moonshiners” series.

Douglas Wright hails from the great state of Texas but currently resides on Glasgow’s southside with his lovely wife Sarah in Scenic Scotland. His work can be seen in the Dundee Transport Museum and fine art galleries across Scotland and the EU.

Coming in 2024

B. England

Born in England C.J. Taylor lived and worked in Austin Texas in the entertainment and video game industries. An avid musician and incredible mind in both the technical as well as the creative sides of the mind. A true renaissance mind.

B. Chile


I once had a dream that,

…no, maybe later.

Coming in 2024

B. Flint, Mi

Coming Soon! Be sure to check back.

B. Flint, MI

“I’m interested in exploring myths, icons and experiences that time has forged into themes be them historic or fiction. My compulsions are but a ghost to me, to paraphrased Socrates, “I know that I know nothing.”

“Art is my passion. I love different mediums, genres, themes, tools, techniques, ideas and even vocations. I wish I could be satisfied within a particular niche, but the fates have deemed me an explorer. I am a wanderer, fascinated with each step of this mysterious journey.”

“Come on Ajax, we are probably late.”


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