A Short Film

Love and the Universe

Love and the universe: an optimistic story about connectedness in a time of desolation.

It is a simple story, and a journey of getting a message out to the world. That message is empathy.

As commercial artists we have been firsthand witnesses to the powerful public reach displayed by large entertainment studios and other commercial enterprises with which a message can travel within a well crafted digital medium. The goal with Love and the Universe is not to copy formulas of commercial studios but to strive for equally raised production quality and create a positive far reaching message.

The Team behind Love and the Universe



Brad Clark

An award winning artist and animator, Brad Clark has worked on a wide range of projects over the past 12 years; from modeling and rigging for television and video games to editing motion capture for Gollum in “The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers.” His career has taken him around the globe: from Florida to the Philippines, from Texas to New Zealand. Brad taught animation, character design and setup classes, trained 2D animators on Softimage and headed up internal company training on technical art and rigging. A previous Autodesk Master Class instructor, Brad has twice presented at workshops for Conceptart.org. Most recently, Brad has provided custom training and consulting for Bungie, Disney Junction Point and Reel FX on Motionbuilder, Maya and 3dsMax.

Brad is the co-founder of Rigging Dojo ( http://www.RiggingDojo.com) ,an online training school for character technical directors and animators.


Nik Douglas

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Eric Kramer

I am passionate about…

Specialties: * Narrator/Spokesperson, both audio & video, as well as live (please view portfolio link, for a list of corporate clients and producers)
* Highly proficient with both audio/ear-prompter and teleprompter
* Script ‘Doctoring’ – tweeking clients’ scripts, ensuring that they’re not only grammatically correct, but also more conversational, accessible and user-friendly.
* Shakespeare – performer and verse/text coach.


Douglas Prince

Douglas Prince began his digital art career illustrating and developing educational titles in the mid 1990’s. Quickly transitioning to the game industry he has since done, design, visual development, art direction and IP development for multiple studios in both North and South America and Europe.