“Alii modo existunt alii vere vivunt.”

(Some merely exist while others truly live)

Customer Reviews


“I really love Studio Fabuloso they let me live in their extra room for a year, give or take.”


“Simply terrific imagination. Their dog is also very cute, what more could I say? Would give 6 stars…”


“I really really really love them! I would marry them, or one of them.”


“I’ve been working with the Team Fabuloso for years and I love them and their designs. I would give them all the money in my wallet.”

About Us

1.)  A cabal of like minded artists who have joined forces for various creative endeavors.

2.)  A small international team specializing in the development of tangible, digital and VR productions. Studio Fabuloso aims to support artists realize their visions. On the edge of what is next in narrative, interaction, and playfulness we seek to inspire, reap havoc and propel artists on their journeys.


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